a rifle for high places

A rifle for the high places

Am I a gun nut? I don’t know.  Non-hunters or shooters would say I was, but they almost never get anything right when comes to guns, shooting or hunting.  I do admit to having a bit of an obsession with great gear, lightweight gear, great design and construction in any gear, whether it be designed for shooting, …

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Brandon Vaughan holding a Muskie

Muskies – Lake Leviathan Lying in Wait

Feared, coveted, cause of consternation, frustration, exultation and obsession.  The Muskie, aka muskellunge, from the Ojibway word maashkinooze, meaning “great fish”, or mashkinonge, meaning “big pike”…or possibly the Algonquin word “mashkinunga”, or about a dozen variations from French Canadian, tribal dialects and English mash ups, Muskie….or maybe Musky is the common term.  In Latin, it’s …

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The Switchbox from Omnispool

I’ve been an avid fly-fisherman for well over 45 years.  I’ve watched the sport transition from a relatively obscure pastime enjoyed by eccentrics, old-timers and a small cadre from the upper crust,  to an ultra-trendy sport claimed by virtually everyone as their favorite form of relaxation, whether or not they’d ever tried it. Of late, …

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Sage Method Switch

I recently had the opportunity to try out the state of the art “Switch” rod from Sage. Being a died in the wool steelhead fly fisherman, I’m always interested in the latest and greatest gear.  Every time I open a package with a slick new product, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.  The …

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Detroit River Walleyes

A chilly start yields good numbers. A cold unrelenting winter that refuses to release its icy grip has made for a slow start to the 2018 walleye “run” in the Detroit river, though walleye numbers have been good on the few days in April that have been temperate enough for comfortable fishing. The Detroit river …

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