Pro Tip – Bow Sights

Here’s a simple tip for a highly effective and simple to use rear sight for archery. Years ago while trying to decide on the best way to wring the utmost accuracy from my compound bows, and after watching friends struggle with a variety of solutions. I came up with a simple, trouble free method.  I …

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Traditional Archery

This winter, after the final day of deer season, I did what I do every year, for the last 40 years.  I take a Saturday morning to organize and take stock of my hunting gear before storing it away for the year.  Things get fixed, sewn, sharpened and cleaned as needed. Batteries are removed from …

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Bow Season has Arrived!

Open morning of the Michigan bow season dawned a crisp 34 degrees.  The coldest opener in memory.  I was in the woods well before the first hint of daybreak.  Feeling my way down a path that I have used for over 20 years, I can navigate without the need of a flashlight, and in fact …

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