Five fly-fishing rods with a tape measure showing length


I’m a fly fisherman. I’ve been a fly fisherman for over 45 years. As such, I gravitate towards that tradition. Years ago, when I first discovered Tenkara fly fishing, I was perhaps, a little dismissive, a bit amused, but in general, not overly intrigued. Why would I consider wasting my time on this goofy, less …

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Torso of main in turquoise shirt wearing Simms waders

Simms G3 Guide waders and boots

If you’re a serious and avid fly-fisher, you’ll likely know the name Simms –  You’ll also likely know that wader quality matters, because you’ve also probably had waders that didn’t live up to your expectations if you’ve been at it for a while. I’ve been fly-fishing, and wading in lakes and rivers long enough to …

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hand hold fish

South Fork Trout Fishing

Something told me we were in for a whale of a day of fishing, as we readied the drift-boat near the ramp of the Snake River in eastern Idaho. Across the pavement crawled a salmonfly the size of a chubby, winged golf tee. One creepy-crawly insect was followed by another and another. They flitted about, …

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Mirage Reel

The Reel Deal – Orvis Mirage

Fishing reels come in many different styles, types and sizes. They’re available in just about any color, price point and quality level. Whether for casting, spinning, trolling, deep sea fishing or fly-fishing, there is a dizzying selection, and features, proper application and costs can be tough to figure out. High price points used to be …

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Orvis Mission Switch Rod

Orvis Mission Switch Rod

Product review Spring steel-heading is a lifelong passion that I look forward to as much as any other fishing or hunting activity.  For steelhead, fly-fishing is my tonic and I guess I’ve tried just about every sub-category in fly-fishing in order to catch steelhead.  From Alaska, the pacific Northwest and all around the Great Lakes …

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Brandon Vaughan holding a Muskie

Muskies – Lake Leviathan Lying in Wait

Feared, coveted, cause of consternation, frustration, exultation and obsession.  The Muskie, aka muskellunge, from the Ojibway word maashkinooze, meaning “great fish”, or mashkinonge, meaning “big pike”…or possibly the Algonquin word “mashkinunga”, or about a dozen variations from French Canadian, tribal dialects and English mash ups, Muskie….or maybe Musky is the common term.  In Latin, it’s …

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2020 Walleye Season

The 2020 walleye season was one for the books. Not because of the fishing, but rather because of the seriously abbreviated season. Due to a worrying display of gross governmental overreach, the Michigan boating and fishing season, which usually kicks off at the beginning of April, was banned. Boating (with a motor?!?) and fishing with …

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Steelhead on the Fly

Cold weather didn’t delay the Spring steelhead fishery for the 2020 season, but the Coronavirus did.  Most recreational fishing and all commercial fishing (guiding) was shut down through the peak of the steelhead run, throughout the Great Lakes region, and presumably throughout the rest of the world.  I was fortunate to plan a few trips …

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Henry’s Fork Trout Fishing

Eastern Idaho – After many years of hearing about the tremendous fly fishing on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, I finally got the chance to try my luck.  On an early morning in mid-August, I parked the vehicle near a rustic campground, and ambled past peaceful tents and fifth wheels. The thin, clear …

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