Mirage Reel

The Reel Deal – Orvis Mirage

Fishing reels come in many different styles, types and sizes. They’re available in just about any color, price point and quality level. Whether for casting, spinning, trolling, deep sea fishing or fly-fishing, there is a dizzying selection, and features, proper application and costs can be tough to figure out. High price points used to be …

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Orvis Mission Switch Rod

Orvis Mission Switch Rod

Product review Spring steel-heading is a lifelong passion that I look forward to as much as any other fishing or hunting activity.  For steelhead, fly-fishing is my tonic and I guess I’ve tried just about every sub-category in fly-fishing in order to catch steelhead.  From Alaska, the pacific Northwest and all around the Great Lakes …

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Henry’s Fork Trout Fishing

Eastern Idaho – After many years of hearing about the tremendous fly fishing on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, I finally got the chance to try my luck.  On an early morning in mid-August, I parked the vehicle near a rustic campground, and ambled past peaceful tents and fifth wheels. The thin, clear …

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Alaska, Just One of the Last Frontiers

“There are great wild places all over the globe. Far more than the climate change panic-ers, animal rights nuts and radical political ecological activists would have you believe. Alaska is incredibly vast and wild, almost beyond comprehension. It has to be seen to be understood.  Understanding the vastness and primal wildness of Alaska is life-changing, …

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Rocky Mountain Trout Adventure

EUREKA, Montana – I could hardly believe my eyes when I parked the rental car and stood on the gravelly brow of the Tobacco River in northwest Montana. Before me, the Tobacco twisted and poured its way hurriedly past fallen firs and balsams, rocks and boulders.  Pockets of dark water in the twists and turns …

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I Dream of Genie!

I dream of Genie! To be clear, I don’t dream of the beautiful, scantily clad character played by Barbra Eden back in the 60s….anymore…Though, I think I did as a teenager (!?!), but I did, without a doubt, sometimes dream of one of my favorite steelhead fly patterns that I developed and named “the Genie”, …

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Adventure Bonefish

Abridged and excerpted from Brandon Vaughan’s forthcoming book. The first three bonefish that I ever caught on a fly were violently cut in half in bloody, blindingly fast attacks by large hungry barracudas. I was wading a white sandy flat in 20” of transparent water, and each attack was within a rods length of my …

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