Pheasants Aplenty in Iowa 2018

‘Twas a fitting farewell to the last hour of bird hunting in central Iowa.  Not a minute from the truck, we were into the thick of things. My little Brittany, Shorty, climbed a steep embankment on the edge of a gravel road and slammed on the brakes. He stood there for ten, fifteen seconds – …

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Dakota Ringnecks

East Central, North Dakota. ‘Twas a sight seldom seen in Michigan. As we drifted over a small rise in the landscape, a pair of pheasants drifted out of the vast prairie and into a cattail slough the size of a soccer field. Our truck slammed on the brakes as we watched the spectacle unfold. The …

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It’s Prime Time for Coyotes

January in Michigan is the start of the coyote “Rut”. Yotes, yoodle dogs, coyotes, coyotl (aztec name) or canis latrans, whatever you call them, you can bet that if they’re in your area, you CAN call them, though it’s not always necessary. I’m fortunate enough to live far enough from town that I have deer, …

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Bow Season has Arrived!

Open morning of the Michigan bow season dawned a crisp 34 degrees.  The coldest opener in memory.  I was in the woods well before the first hint of daybreak.  Feeling my way down a path that I have used for over 20 years, I can navigate without the need of a flashlight, and in fact …

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