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Mirage Reel

The Reel Deal – Orvis Mirage

Fishing reels come in many different styles, types and sizes. They’re available in just about any color, price point and quality level. Whether for casting,…
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Gear Up for Bird Hunting

Gearing up for bird hunting! After a pretty slow start to my archery season that included some unseasonably warm weather, I decided to take…
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Traditional Archery

This winter, after the final day of deer season, I did what I do every year, for the last 40 years.  I take a Saturday…
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Perfect Things – Knives

There’s something about a good knife that is so satisfying.  Most guys my age received their first knife as a boy, usually from their dad…
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Give Me a Gentry Brake

Give me a break! In the Midwest, many states have expanded what were previously “shotgun” only zones for firearm deer hunting, to allow for some…
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The Switchbox from Omnispool

I’ve been an avid fly-fisherman for well over 45 years.  I’ve watched the sport transition from a relatively obscure pastime enjoyed by eccentrics, old-timers and…
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Sage Method Switch

I recently had the opportunity to try out the state of the art “Switch” rod from Sage. Being a died in the wool steelhead fly…
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