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With free subscriptions and proactive broadcasts of our content to our network, we offer a zero barrier to entry for our viewers. Because we proactively post content through social channels, there is also no effort required from our network to see content.  We have zero bounce rate and we are not spam filtered because we don’t engage in e-mail marketing. Our multi-purpose mission is to share our experiences, professional opinions on gear, techniques and tactics for all things hunting and fishing, while ALSO providing a far reaching and ever expanding branding platform for the brands the we use and trust. We offer third party endorsement of top quality gear for our readers and viewers (check out our YouTube channel “BackcountryLife Magazine”, and  our Instagram feed)  We proactively post news and information to 2.3 million people in our network, through our social channels.  We primarily post out to our LinkedIn network but also use Instagram and YouTube to tell stories and provide information on quality gear and our experiences.

About Brandon Vaughan

BackcountryLife Subscribers 20K+
Site traffic Jan. 2020 – 56K+

Over 40 years personal and professional experience in a broad array of hunting and fishing disciplines, from Alaska to Belize.
Professional guide – Great Lakes, Nebraska, Colorado. Alaska.
Orvis Endorsed and independent Fly-fishing and hunting Guide and instructor.
25 years experience in business development, sales, marketing and brand management in Fortune 500 business. (Director/CEO level, OEM and Tier automotive and heavy industrial manufacturing).

President Finishing Solutions Inc.
Founder – BVE Media Group
Managing EditorBackcountryLife Magazine / TV
Managing Editor – ProcessTech News

Media Matters

Television Series (in development)

We can proactively reach and promote to an ever-expanding network that includes over 2.3 million people on LinkedIn alone.  (before viral spread and before the brand partners listed below re-share and link back to our content, within their networks). Every new brand partnership increases that reach exponentially.  Subscriptions are free, but we don’t rely on viewers to go to our site.  We “push” all content out to our networks.  Every article, video or blurb is posted to our socials and throughout our connected networks.

Who We Promote / Endorse

Primos/Vista Outdoors
Lowa Boots
Smith Optics
AG Composites Rifle stocks 
Hart Rifle Barrels
Match Grade Machine barrels for T/C
Gentry Muzzle Brakes
Javaman traditional bows
Sage Fly rods and Reels
Pierce Engineering Ltd.


All hunters, fishermen and people who enjoy the outdoors.
Primary – Males 25-65, Mid to upper income. Deer, elk and moose hunters, waterfowl hunters, Fly-fisherman, Bass and walleye fisherman, Ice-fisherman, Upland bird hunters and land owners.
85% Men
15% Women
85% North America
10% Europe
5% other

Strategy, Targeting and Reach

For Ad rates and/or Promotional partnerships please reach out to:
Primary Contact-
Brandon Vaughan –
CEO / Managing Editor
BVE Media Group – BackcountryLife Magazine/TV
We create viral spread for your brand identity.  Peruse our content. Decide if you’d like to see your products described and promoted through our networks.  Have questions?  Give us a call.  We’d love to talk.  

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