hand hold fish
Something told me we were in for a whale of a day of fishing, as we readied the drift-boat near the ramp of the Snake …
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Orvis Waders
I’m not always a fan of technological advancements and new ideas. Some seem ill conceived or forced. Solutions to non-existent problems are everywhere you look. …
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Mirage Reel
Fishing reels come in many different styles, types and sizes. They’re available in just about any color, price point and quality level. Whether for casting, …
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Little Brown Trout
By Chris Zimmerman Last summer in late April, I pulled into the parking lot where the Little Muskegon River pours over the dam in downtown Altona, …
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Orvis Mission Switch Rod
Product review Spring steel-heading is a lifelong passion that I look forward to as much as any other fishing or hunting activity.  For steelhead, fly-fishing is …
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Brandon Vaughan holding a Muskie
Feared, coveted, cause of consternation, frustration, exultation and obsession.  The Muskie, aka muskellunge, from the Ojibway word maashkinooze, meaning “great fish”, or mashkinonge, meaning “big …
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