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South Fork Trout Fishing

Something told me we were in for a whale of a day of fishing, as we readied the drift-boat near the ramp of the Snake River in eastern Idaho. Across the pavement crawled a salmonfly the size of a chubby, winged golf tee. One creepy-crawly insect was followed by another and another. They flitted about, …

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Henry’s Fork Trout Fishing

Eastern Idaho – After many years of hearing about the tremendous fly fishing on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, I finally got the chance to try my luck.  On an early morning in mid-August, I parked the vehicle near a rustic campground, and ambled past peaceful tents and fifth wheels. The thin, clear …

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Rocky Mountain Trout Adventure

EUREKA, Montana – I could hardly believe my eyes when I parked the rental car and stood on the gravelly brow of the Tobacco River in northwest Montana. Before me, the Tobacco twisted and poured its way hurriedly past fallen firs and balsams, rocks and boulders.  Pockets of dark water in the twists and turns …

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Pheasants Aplenty in Iowa 2018

‘Twas a fitting farewell to the last hour of bird hunting in central Iowa.  Not a minute from the truck, we were into the thick of things. My little Brittany, Shorty, climbed a steep embankment on the edge of a gravel road and slammed on the brakes. He stood there for ten, fifteen seconds – …

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Dakota Ringnecks

East Central, North Dakota. ‘Twas a sight seldom seen in Michigan. As we drifted over a small rise in the landscape, a pair of pheasants drifted out of the vast prairie and into a cattail slough the size of a soccer field. Our truck slammed on the brakes as we watched the spectacle unfold. The …

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