Alaska, Just One of the Last Frontiers

“There are great wild places all over the globe. Far more than the climate change panic-ers, animal rights nuts and radical political ecological activists would have you believe. Alaska is incredibly vast and wild, almost beyond comprehension. It has to be seen to be understood.  Understanding the vastness and primal wildness of Alaska is life-changing, …

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Pierce 7mm

Custom Rifle Build Part 2

In my first installment on building a custom rifle, I had sourced a donor Remington 700 in 7mm RM, a Hart SS barrel and an AG Composites carbon fiber stock. My initial intent was to use the SS action from the donor gun for the custom project, as I have done so many times before. …

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Traditional Archery

This winter, after the final day of deer season, I did what I do every year, for the last 40 years.  I take a Saturday morning to organize and take stock of my hunting gear before storing it away for the year.  Things get fixed, sewn, sharpened and cleaned as needed. Batteries are removed from …

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Perfect Things – Knives

There’s something about a good knife that is so satisfying.  Most guys my age received their first knife as a boy, usually from their dad or grandfather.  We would never venture out of the house without at least a pocket knife in tow.  That included school, church or even baseball practice.  There were so many …

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Give Me a Gentry Brake

Give me a break! In the Midwest, many states have expanded what were previously “shotgun” only zones for firearm deer hunting, to allow for some centerfire rifle cartridges.  My home state of Michigan is one of them.  In the southern half of the lower peninsula, which used to be a “shotgun zone” and allowed for …

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