Custom Rifle

Custom Rifles

As a kid, I lusted after a Winchester model 94 lever gun in 30-30. It was the gun that almost every other deer hunter in the Michigan woods carried. It was standard in every old black and white photo from deer camps gone by. It was good enough for Grandad, it would be good enough …

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Summertime Slabs!

For me, summertime is the time to make hay.  An age old constant yes, but in my world, making hay is just one of many tasks to tackle.  Some tasks are necessary to prepare for upcoming pursuits.  Planting or maintaining small food plots of, among other things, alfalfa (actual hay), beets and chicory for the …

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I Dream of Genie!

I dream of Genie! To be clear, I don’t dream of the beautiful, scantily clad character played by Barbra Eden back in the 60s….anymore…Though, I think I did as a teenager (!?!), but I did, without a doubt, sometimes dream of one of my favorite steelhead fly patterns that I developed and named “the Genie”, …

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It’s Prime Time for Coyotes

January in Michigan is the start of the coyote “Rut”. Yotes, yoodle dogs, coyotes, coyotl (aztec name) or canis latrans, whatever you call them, you can bet that if they’re in your area, you CAN call them, though it’s not always necessary. I’m fortunate enough to live far enough from town that I have deer, …

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Saginaw Bay Ice Walleye

Get ’em While They’re Hot!

The winter of 2016/17 was a tough one for dedicated ice fishermen in the great lakes. Warmish temps kept much of the really productive Walleye water….well, water.  We were hard pressed to find good ice on Saginaw Bay and found none on Lake Erie, our usual hot spots for winter walleye and perch. We made …

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Adventure Bonefish

Abridged and excerpted from Brandon Vaughan’s forthcoming book. The first three bonefish that I ever caught on a fly were violently cut in half in bloody, blindingly fast attacks by large hungry barracudas. I was wading a white sandy flat in 20” of transparent water, and each attack was within a rods length of my …

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Howa Mini-action 6.5 Grendel

I recently took delivery of a new rifle that I’ve been very interested in for quite some time. Being a fan of 6.5mm chamberings, and light weight rifles, the Howa “Mini action” bolt gun in 6.5 Grendel has been on my wish list. The Howa Mini in 6.5 Grendel would fall into the affordable production …

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